As of 5/20/24, Look Up is now on all streaming services. So whatever your preferences are, you can listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. Enjoy and I’d love to hear what  you think of the new songs and […]
Earlier this month, 5/6, I had the pleasure of doing an opening set for Lisa Sanders and Brown Sugar (Karen Hayes). Lisa is a wonderful singer-songwriter from California. I really feel grateful that our paths crossed. Here is a youtube […]
The new recording LOOK UP is here and I’m so excited to share these songs with you. The 12 songs are available on CD that includes a digital download of the album. This is a great, feel good moment as […]
Excited to be at this point! The new CD, Look Up will be in hand in the next week or so and music will be flowing out to the world via streaming services by May 2oth!. It’s been a long […]
All that is unsolved in the heart, sits locked up and waiting like a little child who sits and waits for the school bus to take her to new learning adventures. Like the earth we hold all the burdens and […]
Quiet our wants….hmmm. Sort of like when you were little and someone would look and say ‘shhhhhh!’ That surfacing of desire and feelings quickly dampened by a cold look or inconsiderate ‘shhhh.’ I’ve spent a good chunk of this life […]
Sometimes you just need to step away from the chaos of broken water pipes, a home that could use a good cleaning and a couch with a mountain of laundry waiting to be folded. You get in the car, pick […]
It’s been about two months of having the my new recording in hand and I think about this song, In The Balance, that became the title cut. We all have tons of things we are juggling. I wanted to write […]
Last night, the stars and I, waited for a meteor shower never seen before, from a comet that existed way before we were on the earth. ‘Debris’ doesn’t seem like the best word to describe an event so intricate. You […]
To come inside, a door has to open and depends on how heavy and how long it’s been shut. But when something or someone is calling you to do so, listen and pay attention. The way will become clear. After […]
Two Years In two years, where will I stand? My oldest will be off in college and youngest just starting HS. Life will certainly roll on with bills to pay, laundry and such. But what about the real? What about […]
Early Sunday morning. No color in the morning sky but a pale shade of gray. This blank canvas is the backdrop to bare trees, naked as they wait for the coming storm. The dark branches are still and sturdy. A […]