The new recording LOOK UP is here and I’m so excited to share these songs with you. The 12 songs are available on CD that includes a digital download of the album. This is a great, feel good moment as this album started back in 2019, was upended by the pandemic and restarted again in 2022. Other factors, life, work, daughters in college…all lead into this being released now. I’m a believer there is always the right time and this is it! The album is available for purchase by  writing: It will soon be available on the website store and on all streaming platforms 5/20/24! Yes, feels good to be here!

Here’s a little more information is you’re interested! Stay well out there! Lynn

Look Up, a new release from Singer Songwriter, Lynn Hollyfield, is a striking collection of 12 original songs, set in beautiful arrangements. The arrangements feature voice, guitar, ukulele, piano and vibraphone, all of which illuminate Hollyfield’s multi-instrumental skill and versatile singing style. Hollyfield’s songs have well-crafted melodies, stand-alone lyrics and marked emotional depth. The songs explore a variety of genres including contemporary folk, jazz, blues and one with a bossa nova feel. Timely themes including climate change, women’s rights, love, relationships, moving forward, comfort and empathy, finding our way and bringing light into the world. Special guest artists add their magic to some of the tunes and include Tom Prasada-Rao, Jess Eliot Myhre, Kristen Jones (ilyAIMY) and John Peiffer. Just Begin, Jezebel and Liam’s Lullaby were recent winners in MidAtlantic Songwriting Contest for Folk, Jazz/Vocal and Children’s Categories respectively.

Song blurbs

Look Up is a song for our times lamenting climate change and encouraging a call to action. Together and individually, actions can make a difference and can have a long lasting positive impact for our earth. Lynn: Vibraphone debut.

Just Begin is a tune that was written in March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic. Questions arose from the uncertainty of that time as we were forced to change how we were living in the world. Reminders that our unique gifts are always there, just waiting to begin and present themselves. Features the wonderful, Tom Prasada-Rao on Backing Vocals.

Jezebel is a song about women’s rights. Written just prior to the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the continued suppression of women’s rights in the US and abroad, Jezebel calls for feminine energy to rise and lead in our world. The song has a bossa nova feel.

North Star is a song of being open to our guides, in this case the stars, that help us move forward and find direction, after a traumatic loss. Based on a true story.

Love and You is a song about love, not necessarily romantic love but being open to finding out that love surrounds us at all times. The song reminds us that we’re never alone. Tom Prasada-Rao is singing the beautiful backing vocals

The Muddy Way, was inspired by two juxtaposition things. One,after reading ‘The Parent’s Tao Te Ching,’ by William Martin and two, after the snowmelt from a major snow storm that left Lynn’s backyard a muddy mess. A song about mud

with a philosophical twist.

Only You Can Make Yourself Sing is a co-write with daughter, Keely Hollyfield. A mother’s advice to her child encouraging them to find their own voice. No one else can do that for you. Lynn makes her piano debut.

For You is a love song of someone who had lost their way and then found their true love. The song explores going through uncertain times, feeling lost on our way then ultimately, realizing we had been moving towards our wants and desires the whole time.

Liam’s Lullaby, written from observations of a little 3 month old going through a serious health crisis and those around him. This lullaby is supported by a beautiful melody and poetic lyrics arranged on ukulele and supported by Kristen Jones’ lovely cello.

The Night Sky explores the comfort of the stars being there for us and giving us light in the dark. It nudges us in a way that, just as the stars can comfort us by their presence even after their life is over, we can also bring light to others now and leave some after we’re long gone.

What Can I Do was written after one of many mass shootings in an attempt to comfort one another in the midst of horrific news and events, while at the same time trying to figure out what we can do to make a difference.

Here We Are was written as commentary of the back and forth and ups and downs experienced during the pandemic. Wry, thoughtful and sweet, all at the same time.