Last night, the stars and I, waited for a meteor shower never seen before, from a comet that existed way before we were on the earth. ‘Debris’ doesn’t seem like the best word to describe an event so intricate. You need a perfect word for these miraculous particles that were once the tail of comet zooming through the universe for over a century and a half of time. Part of a comet, that knows parts of the universe, will touch our atmosphere, grace our eyes and grant wishes to those who are fortunate to see. The dark, deep blue of night sprinkled with constellations named by of those before us trying to make sense of it all. After a day of feeling like my sense of direction was off, miscommunications and reminders of our delicate, nostalgic hearts, the delight of reading about the anticipated Camelopardalid meteor shower was all I needed to know things are going just as they should.