To come inside, a door has to open and depends on how heavy and how long it’s been shut. But when something or someone is calling you to do so, listen and pay attention. The way will become clear. After an experience at a Native American ceremony, a forgiveness ceremony that truly changed my life, doors opened with the remembrance and sacredness of being human. There are times we hurt others and times when others hurt us unknowingly or with intent. Once we accept this and forgive ourselves and others a huge, a rock solid, heavy door can fly open like a screen door blown open by a brisk, Spring wind. Doors have many ways in and many ways out. Invitations come to go inside where it can be warm and cozy or to a dark, deep place, not often visited but holding wisdom if you are willing to go there. Hinges creak, locks get stuck, keys are lost and often the location of the door in unknown. When we are listening, traveling, walking, running, shifting, often then we find a door not seen before but now right smack in front of us, just waiting for the knob to be turned and the lock to be unlatched. What doors are being opening? Which ones are left closed? I wonder how many have not been found yet. Only ours to know.