Heather Aubrey Lloyd

“Your voice is stunning!”

Roy Baker
DJ, WCFA 101.5FM, Cape May Community Arts

“I’m listening to you on your website right now. Fantastic!”

Tret Fure
Singer-Songwriter, www.TretFure.com

“Love your voice!”

Ron Goad
Songwriter’s Association of Washington Board of Directors

“The warmest voice since Christine McVie.”

Lilli Kuzma
Folk DJ-WDCB, 90.9FM, Chicago Public Radio, www.WDCB.org

“Enjoying your new album (In The Balance)! It’s a pleasure to support your excellent music!”

Jean Bayou
President of the Songwriter’s Association of Washington

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your CD. It is a beautiful masterpiece, Lynn!!!”

Singer-Songwriter, www.CatalinaMusic.bandcamp.com

“You were amazing. We truly enjoyed your set. Your music has that timeless vibe to it.”

John McLaughlin
Folk DJ-WMUC, TheDigitalFolkLife.org

“Great voice, great songs! In The Balance ~ there’s a range of emotions in this music. It’s a beauty!”

Benjamin Scheuer
Singer-Songwriter, Playwright-The Lion, www.BenjaminScheuer.com

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your song, “Winter Wind. I loved the specifics in the lyric, all the imagery of cold. ‘The timbers are all shivering’ is such a marvelous line. ‘The window pane is turning blue.’ Man. That’s so good. You’re obviously a really talented writer and I hope we have the opportunity to cross paths in the future.”

John Rumsey
KVR, 89.3FM, Four Strong Winds

“Every year a new artist comes along and captures my heart. Washington DC artist, Lynn Hollyfield, in her first solo, full length release, is this years discovery. She has a voice so warm and lovely it makes you want to run out and buy concert tickets. Grace Griffith provides marvelous harmony vocals on many tracks. Adding to Lynn’s fine guitar work are a wealth of talented musicians who provide layers of instrumental support. A worthy first effort bound for my top 5 of 2010.”

Erin Radio
CHES 101.5FM, Steve Clarke, Acoustic Planet

“What a terrific album you’ve created with “Layers”. It’s my pick of the month here on Acoustic Planet and I’m sure it will quickly become a fave with the audience. This is an album that starts with a voice that wraps itself around you like a blanket, is held together with crystal clear recording and followed up with incisive lyrics and superior instrumentation. This one’s a winner! Congratulations and thanks for sharing the music.”

Diane Parks
Author and Poet

“Your music is the golden thread – your voice sews your audience to you – I feel simple and free and soft and calm and beautiful and grateful when I hear you sing. When you were on your last song, I looked into the audience and saw beautiful ribbons – each one of us became what you sewed with the strings of your guitar. There is such a gentleness about you and your voice – it’s magical.”

Jane Woods

“In The Balance – the title is perfect because this album is a wonderful balance of songs that range from inspirational to playful, that all celebrate life. With In the Balance, Lynn reached for the moon and she absolutely caught it!”

Ruthie Logsdon
Ruthie and the Wranglers

“Some artists are known for their voice or their delivery, or maybe their songs or for their guitar playing. Lynn is not just ‘some artist.’ She delivers ALL of these with depth and clarity, one gorgeous song at a time.”

Bob Gramann
Fredricksburg Songwriter’s Showcase

“There is no other way to say this: Your songs were just plain beautiful. Your songs, voice, and guitar arrangements fit together in a beautiful whole.”

Jane Woods

“Lynn sings folk music which is basically the music of the people. It celebrates the truly important things in life, the journey not the destination. All of Lynn’s songs are beautiful and contain a universal wisdom we can all identify with.”

Dickson Mercer
Maryland Independent

“Layers of Sound Power New CD from Local Folk Singer Hollyfield. Through “Layers,” Hollyfield presents a pensive, roots-driven collection of originals and two covers – Julie Miller’s “Broken Things” and a jazz curveball, “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” Each of the dozen tracks features the artist’s angelic voice and fluid guitar picking.”

Aisha Raines
Black Chicks can Rock, Member of Board of Directors of SAW

“I wanted to say that I loved your set. Honestly, you were my favorite performer last night. You allowed me to embrace the music and helped calm my nerves before my set. So basically I wanted to say thank you and that you did a great show as well.”

Mark Michaelis
Acoustic Harmony, WGDR, 91.1 FM

“I wanted let you know how very much I love “Layers”… The title absolutely does it justice and what I love so much about it is that it’s such a lovely collection of songs that are interwoven together so specially that it’s just a delight to listen to from start to finish… Definitely one of my favorite releases of this year!”

Carol Lite
Co-Chair: Program Committee, Washington Folk Festival 2011

“Your performance with Grace Griffith, at the 31st Washington Folk Festival, was a great success. Grace was so appreciative of being on stage with such a master singer and guitarist. Your voice was both sweet and powerful, and your songs mesmerizing. You added so much to the performance.”

Grace Griffith
Singer, Multi WAMMIE Award Winner

“Your playing was strong and solid and “right on time” Made me want to play a Martin hearing that rich sound. Your singing was, to use Mike Joyce’s term, seraphic! Absolutely lovely. You were fabulous.”

iTunes Customer

“LAYERS is a Five Star Album. My Dad popped this in the car today after school, and I loved it! The music was so passionate and wonderful. Buy this album, it’s great! Lynn made me smile after a crappy day.”

Amy White
Award Winning Multi-instrumentalist, Singer-Songwriter

“What a GORGEOUS CD, Lynn! The whole package, the sound, the cover art, the graphic design. Just beautiful! I just love hearing your voice. So rich, gentle, comforting and inviting.”

Micah Solomon
President, OASIS CD Duplication

“Thank you so much for sending along your CD. It is one of the most beautiful I have heard in a long time. It really made me actually enjoy the terrible rush hour commute. I love all the songs.”

Lynn Veronneau
Jazz Vocalist

“I’ve been listening to your CD. It’s beautiful…I could listen to your voice all day. A most gorgeous tone.”

Mike Joyce
Washington Post

“Hollyfield’s seraphic vocals are accompanied by crisp guitar work.”

PG Journal

“Hollyfield’s voice is earthy and sensuous”

Cliff Lynn
Multimedia Poet

“You have a magnificent talent, you soar higher than a Boeing. When you’re onstage and doing what you do, it’s hypnotizing, or mesmerizing.”

Steve Wolf
Bassist, Swing Speak

“Lynn is a wonderful singer/songwriter. Thanks for inviting me to participate in this momentous evening. Your performance was truly inspired and your songs are wonderful. I look forward to making music with you in the future.”

Leicasterbangs, UK

“Hollyfield’s Layers is a collection of ten original songs and a couple of well-chosen covers. Her indie-folk-pop style would have gone down a treat 25 years ago when she would have been opening up for 10,000 Maniacs or Cowboy Junkies, and it still sounds pretty good now. Hollyfield’s voice is strong and seductive, and her songs are warm and inclusive. Her version of the classic “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” strips the song back but takes no rash liberties with either tempo or arrangement. The title track – one of her own – is a beauty, which harks back to the best work of goth-folkies All About Eve.”