Woke up to unfolded laundry on the couch, a semi clean kitchen and week of new assignments for work, plus juggling Driver’s Ed classes, swim team practices, meals, tending the miraculous garden and feeding all the critters. Yet here I am writing, to start my week with words, ones that will inspired me to keep focused on a truer path, full of heart and soul and love. No blue skies this morning…The woods are still, against a white dawn sky…more rain today after the buckets that poured down last night. The lush green, swallows me up, so rare for mid July here, so unlike the years past in drought. There is a gentle flicker of movement as two birds find there way back to their nest. As I must soon go to tend mine…the gentlest breeze enticing the leaves to move as I watch their subtle shimmer of them holding on to the drops of last nights rain. Holding on to the beauty as the nudge of the percolator and time on the clock push to organize for tasks ahead, I hold the lush green stillness inside.