Life is fragile. We wake up each day with all our dreams, thoughts and jobs in our back pack, thrown in with a bit of inspiration and head out for the day. Keeping it all positive and open always feels best…seems things flow and connect and are on the same wavelength. Then why do we get so sidetracked by someone who must start their day very differently? Is it the challenge before me that sets me on a mission to try to help them see another way-that desire to help them, cause life is too short to live such a negative, narrow spin? We’ve all been there in that closed, dark space where we seem to not be understood or heard. And what rescues us? A stranger’s smile, an offer to help, a kind touch, a hawk flying across our path, a lovely memory, a friend who sits and listens? Or simply waking up the next morning, determined to live a better way; to see the beauty in things…even in the challenges that brought us to this place where we stand, right now. My teeny world and the confrontations I encounter are so small yet feel devastating at times. But when I peel back and reach deep down, I know what I want to create, I know how I want to live and I know what I need. Today, I’m setting out with a lot of belief that life is to be lived to it’s fullest, that every moment is precious, that love surrounds us all and can be seen if we remain open and focused. Pieces are coming back together, determined not to be shattered…thank you beautiful, blue skies this morning!