Flooded…filled up and overflowing with great things and not so great things. That delicate balance we try for as life sends us on an unexpected turn that brings us back to ‘real’ and what’s important. Yesterday, a day that started out with a full docket of catching up and the usual chores…a run to the grocery store, some laundry (always!), tidying up the house, pull a few weeds, write a set list for an upcoming concert and some paper work all before a swim team banquet. Only, a major diversion occurred. It started with a call to tend to someone in need which put most of these things aside or lightly touched not to be touched too soon. Things were flooded. But this time I felt like I was suspended in a whirlpool, with all things swirling and floating around me, not far but still out of reach. Last night, as things were overflowing. I knew to hang on until the waters subsided. Sometimes, that’s all you can do. Just before I was going to tuck myself in, I looked up at the beautiful rising full moon behind a hazy, summer night sky and I was reminded….I’m here, in the right place and the right time and part of something much bigger than I can imagine…..