Yesterday, I started the day with two of my dearest friends. We call it ‘Cawfee.’ We rarely drink coffee when we get together but we know what it means when we see it in the subject line. ‘Cawfee.’ It’s our time, a time we make, for ourselves, together, to check in with each other, share, dream, cry, laugh, hug and love each other as the three of us try to figure out life. I’m so grateful to these two for helping me work through tough times and the nudges they give me to look a little deeper. When I do and the tears fall, they are right there to catch them.

The topic of ‘self love’ came up. This is written so beautifully… Check out this link. I think I still have a long road ahead in this department but taking time for ‘cawfee’ is a step in the right direction. Taking time-what I often feel I have not enough of. There is no question, that the time I take for ‘cawfee’ is well spent. A stepping stone, a great big, huge stepping stone in the right direction…going to hold this with me.