A beautiful late summer morning…I love this time of year….something shifts at the beginning of August and I feel kind of lost but there are signs of things slowly but surely coming into place…things that have been stirring deep and are all starting to come together. Chinese Medicine talks about the 5th season of Late Summer….a time of transition…the change from the long, hot summer days as we move towards the beginning of Autumn. There’s also a kind of melancholy that comes…I wonder if it’s a throw back to the feeling of the summer ending and having to go back to school. We have a hickory tree in front of our house. It’s peppered with red leaves and every now and then sends one floating down and they land on my car. I’m reminded of the change as I head out from home and the leaves go flying and are scattered once again…sort of how I feel….focused and ready, then flying and scattered….ahh the beauty and mystery of Late Summertime. Late Summertime is a song I wrote on one of these beautiful late Summer days…take a listen when you get chance ~ www.reverbnation.com/lynnhollyfield.